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Ny bok for Nasjonale Turistveger


in Nature 

New book on National Scenic Routes in Norway. Follow the lines in design along 18 selected roads. Jan Neste Design has collaborated with this client for books and exhibitions since 2006.


Birdwatching shed, Varanger

Architect: Biotope

Cover photo: Frid-Jorunn Stabell


2013 SILVER AWARD National Book Design Award • Arkitekt Rolf Prag. Moderne på Hedmarken. Author: Nina Berre

2008 DIPLOMA National Book Design Award • Detour. Architecture and design along 18 national tourist routes in Norway. Editor: Nina Berre

2007 DIPLOMA National Book Design Award • Mur. Mesterverk i mur. Author: Aashild Sørheim

2002 BEST ORIGINAL DESIGN National Book Design Award • Godt verktøy er halve jobben. Author: Aashild Sørheim

2002 DIPLOMA Best Annual Report. Design. Visuelt, National Design Award • Kistefos AS. Editor: Hege Galtung

2000 DIPLOMA Best Annual Report. Illustration. Visuelt, National Design Award • Det norske meteorologisk institutt. Editor: Margaret S. Aarsæther

1999 GOLD AWARD National Book Design Award. Best Cover • Å bygge en flyplass. Author: Aashild Sørheim

1999 DIPLOMA National Book Design Award • Å bygge en flyplass. Author: Aashild Sørheim

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